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About Mehta herbs & Spices

Mehta Herbs & Spices started in the year 2004, manufacture & export Aloevera Porducts & Green Tea leaves.

With an aim to develop premium Aloe Vera based products, Mehta Group established Mehta Herbs & Spices. Based in Coimbatore, our aloe vera plantation is situated at the foothills of the Nilgiris. The company’s aim is to focus on medicinal plants, their cultivation and processing.

Over the years, Mehta Herbs has grown in leaps and bounds. We have developed a wide portfolio of Aloevera Gel based products for skin care and personal care. All our Aloevera products are eco-friendly and are made using 100% natural ingredients.

Our products are available in the market under the brand name Vitessentia and Kilmelfort.

The secret behind our top-notch products is our processing facility. Our processing unit is set up within our plantation. Moreover, we ensure that we strictly test our product range on several parameters of quality at different stages of production.

Our major clients belong to segments such as beauty, salon and spa, retail, tea parlous, tea wholesalers and speciality tea exporters. The future plan of Mehta Herbs is set up a national distribution network and make our products available online.



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For over 12 years, we have been inspired by the power to create eco-friendly products. Hence, we have grown with it. The history of our company can be dated back to the year 1942. For 74 years, Mehta group has been involved in the field of agriculture. We have been involved in the cultivation and processing of tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom.

In the last decade, we have also entered the field of high tech horticulture by pioneering the cultivation of chrysanthemums under covered conditions. The journey of Mehta Herbs & Spices started in 2004. During the inception, our main aim was to focus on activities related to medicinal plants.


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We started off with the cultivation of Aloe Vera and Amla (Indian Gooseberry). Aloe Vera juice marked the beginning of our company. Soon, we invested in a state-of-art processing facility and developed a wide portfolio of Aloe Vera based skincare and personal care products.

During this stage, the main aim of our company was to educate the masses on the benefits of Aloe Vera. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, this wonder herb has a number of medicinal and cosmetic advantages.

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To promote the widespread use of eco-friendly products with more emphasis on developing products which are Aloe Vera based.

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To provide the best quality products and to constantly improve, innovate and evolve to meet the growing needs of our customer.

Values & Philosophy

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Our business values and philosophy is simple. We wish to focus on developing eco-friendly products that are made using natural ingredients.

  • The company and its management believe in dealing with stakeholders in an honest and transparent manner.
  • We also try to play a social role by contributing to the environment.
  • We believe in providing sustainable employment to the people put up around our farm and processing facility.
  • We do not encourage or engage in any kind of child labour activities.
  • To focus on developing products that are based on natural and natural derived ingredients.
  • To focus on developing products that is Aloe Vera based and includes a high percentage of Aloe Vera in its formulations.
  • To communicate to all people, the benefits and growing importance of this ‘wonder herb’.


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In order to cater the growing demands of our customers, we have developed our own farm and processing facility within our plantation. This helps us reduce the slack period between harvesting and processing. Our plantation is situated at the foothills of the Nilgiris. To cater to the requirements of our farm, we have cultivated a number of Aloe Vera plants. Every stage of processing is handled with utmost care.

We undertake field trials to have the best plant population per unit area for commercial viability, farm mechanization and higher yield per plant. The aloe leaves are also produced using organic pesticides and fungicides. We have adopted the superior ‘cold process’ technology.

In this technology, there is no heating involved at any phase during the production process. This helps us extract the gel in the most careful manner, thus keeping the vital nutrients intact and preserving the aloe leaf. The leaves are processed immediately after harvest to maintain the freshness of the aloe gel.

Our infrastructure also includes complete processing machinery and a packaging line to pack the finished products in tubes, jars, bottles and bulk packs. We also have a team of chemists working in the production facility. They are constantly on the lookout for new production techniques and are working towards developing products that are close to being natural. We plan to setup a national distribution network and make our products available online.

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